Remote Controllerd Zone Extender Module for additional 6-sub-zones, dual source path A&B EN54-16;

- Directly connected to a single/dual output line of the DA-200 / DCA2.500 amplifier.
The SW6 Zone Extender & Switching module sub-devides the signal path A & B into
6x additional surveilled speaker-line outputs.
- All SW6-outputs can be individually addressed and are carrying signal path A or B.
- Each output can switch to internal 20kHz line surveillance generator (path C).
- Each switched output zone requires an EOL-device for line-integrity detection.
- Max. of 3x SW6 sharing 1x L-Net connection for communication and power purpose.
(Without additional 24VDC) The SW6 can be remotely powered incase more than
3x SW6 units need to be linked to a single L-Net line.
- Max. load: 800W per channel
- Redundant L-Net link, 2xRJ45
- Addressable: 0-255