Single cabinet 6x 100 Watt, fully operational Voice Alarm System EN54-16 & EN54-4;

600 WATT - Amplification (DA-200) :
- 3x 2ch-audio amplifier (2x100W/ch),
- AC surveillance based om puls-20kHz signal with EOL
- Charger: Battery charger included for 10 - 55AH.
- Controls: Firemen-microphone with front-end controls.
- Local Audio Network: 3x L-Net for remote control devices (max. 500mA and 8 devices per port and totally 16 devices per Compact/Impact/Expander).
- Global Audio Network: 2x G-Net for ring connectivity to up to 255 C500 units.
- Expandable with SW6 - zone expander module.
- Expandable with LDB - Loopdrive system.
- Dimensions: 80x53x27 cm
- Weight without batteries: 28kg
- Max. additional battery load: 33kg
- IP-rating: IP30
- microSD Card for configuration & maintenance
- max. 21 audio files (.wav, .dat, .raw, .mp3, .ogg, .flac) x 5 minute each
Power out: ~24/30VDC Output (max. 2x 500mA @ 24VDC additional load)