CA Serie

Class D will never be the same again. The CA Series represents a new pinnacle in power amps.

Ashly’s proprietary D-MAX™ technology takes Class D performance and efficiency to a whole new level. By starting with a clean slate, our engineers were able to throw away the old rule book and apply cutting-edge design practices and state-of-the-art components to achieve something truly unique.
The CA Series is by far the most efficient amp we’ve tested thus far. The pay-off is less heat, lower distortion, more stable operation and greater reliability. In fact, they run so cool, that bulky heat sinks found in most other amplifiers are no longer required. Instead, we were able to optimize active air cooling using our newly developed SailFlow™ design, which moves the air along a selective path, to where it’s needed most.

Coupled with our new Ashly-engineered ultra-high-speed switching power-supply and intelligent power management, the end-result is nothing short of stunning. All the transient impact and spatial detail of your sound is preserved and your speakers will never be happier. Light-weight and power-efficient, CA will never pull more power than your wall outlet delivers. No more worry about driving speakers to the brink of destruction or tripping breakers.
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