IC Live X

Ultimate Flexibility for Live Sound

The culmination of over a decade of experience in steerable line arrays, the ICLive X series is the latest evolution of the medium-format, steerable line array. The ICLive X module can be arrayed up to 12 tall or can be used in combination with the ICLive XL, allowing taller, more directional arrays to be constructed for surprisingly reasonable cost.

The ICLX and ICLXL array modules connect with a simple and nearly invisible, metal-to-metal array system. For permanent installation, they are assembled with flat-head bolts. For portable applications, the bolts are simply replaced with quick-release pins, allowing one cabinet version to serve in both install and production markets without compromise in either.

RHAON II beam-steering and control via Ethernet are standard, and Dante audio-over-Ethernet is available as an option. Digital beam steering puts ICLive X's substantial output where it belongs: on the audience, and way from walls and ceilings. The ICLive X series benefits from the full range of RHAON II beam-steering including conventional and uni-beams, moveable beam centers and multiple beams, each individually adjustable for aiming, opening angle and level.

Iconyx transparent technology controls sound with the most advanced, intelligent DSP. Multi-channel Class D digital amplifiers with integral DSP engines control every single array element with programmable precision. High-current audiophile output stages power each individual lightweight, efficient transducer in the Iconyx array.

In addition to beam-steering, the onboard DSP provides 12 total filters of parametric EQ (eight fully parametric, high and low shelf & high and low pass filters) as well as up to 170 milliseconds of delay. Each array module has two Ethernet connections which can be used as a two-port switch, making "daisy-chaining" possible. Dante units can be configured as either switched, or redundant network operation. (Daisy-chaining is not possible in redundant mode.)

ICLive X is the most versatile, high-powered, steerable line array on the market and it's extreme flexibility makes it suitable for nearly any live sound application.
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